> Communications Advisory Council
> Directors & Associates Council
> Financial Leaders Advisory Council
> Regulatory Programs and Quality Measurement Forum
> Nursing Advisory Council
> Perioperative Clinician Advisory Council
> Pharmacy Advisory Council
> Physicians Advisory Council
> Project Managers Advisory Council
» CIO Roundtables and Reception
» Epic Booths
» Executive Address, including Cool Stuff Ahead
» CEO Council
» The Executive Breakouts & Safety Forum
» Peer-to-Peer Sessions and Cool Stuff Breakouts
» A Very Curious Dinner
» CIO/CISO/CTO Cybersecurity Forum
» Lean Six Sigma for the Executive Sponsor
» Integrated Health & Social Care Forum
» Population Health Forum
» Lean Forum
» Peer-to-Peer Sessions &
   Cool Stuff Breakouts
» Peer-to-Peer Sessions – ending at 12:30 pm
During these meetings, you'll have a chance to hear from developers and product leads to learn about enhancements related to more specific topics. Each breakout includes a summary of features as well as plans for the future. Attendees are encouraged to join the discussion and provide feedback.
You've read about these outcomes in Epic's 'Success at Seven' newsletter series. Now you can hear details from the people who made them happen. This series isn't about getting there, but instead how you can change healthcare with technology.
Drop in and Meet the Experts working with your favorite topic. Ask questions, provide feedback, and maybe even make a new friend. A schedule of experts and topics is coming soon.
Have a topic you'd like to discuss at UGM? Propose an Unsession The most popular topics will be assigned a room and a moderator for open group discussion during session hours.
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