Three’s Company: Triple-Optimization for Physicians
Allison Wierda-Suttle, MD, CMIO and Melissa Braseth, MPT, Optimization Manager, Sanford
Learn about a system-wide initiative to optimize usability and provider productivity from three different angles. The approach covers system optimization, specialty optimization, and personalized optimization (for the individual provider). Hear the strategic rationale behind the effort as well as the tools used to achieve success.
Simplify Nursing with Kaizen
Jill Sheipline, MS, BSN, RN, and Annemarie Eichberger, BSN, RN, Beaumont Health System
Learn how a ‘nursing simplification’ Kaizen team was able to improve workflow, increase time spent with the patient, enhance employee engagement, and increase patient satisfaction through a directed process of eliminating, restructuring, and simplifying tasks.
On the Tele’: Experiences with an Epic Tele-ICU
John Bowers, MD and Mike Freeman, Manager of Integration Architecture, Sentara Healthcare
Hear the strategic thinking and practical experiences related to the introduction of Epic tools in an established tele-ICU. The presentation provides an overview of learnings, the impact on outcomes, and a review of other organizational benefits.
Healthy Planet Beating with a Million Hearts®
Amy Sitapati, MD, Director of Population Health and Barbara Berkovich, Clinical Informatics Specialist, UC San Diego Health System
Learn how an enterprise-level effort aligned with the national Million Hearts® campaign was executed to support quality goals for heart disease prevention, treatment, and readmission reduction. Scoping, tools, and staffing strategy are discussed in the context of limited population health resources.